COVID-19 Preparedness

COVID-19 and Beyond

“In the midst of navigating COVID-19, it’s also having something to look forward to that’ll give us the fortitude to get through it. So dream, plan and prepare… because the time will come when the future is clearer, and when it does, travel will be the thing to help us start moving forward again.” – Brenno Lupini

Life as we know it has been forever changed by COVID-19 – in some ways for the better, as we become more sensitive to the health of our people and world. This is good news for our wildernesses and after isolation, we’re all going to need a little rewilding, immersing ourselves in fresh air and nature to lift our spirits…

There has never been a better reason to make your next adventure a safari and we at Lush will be here for you… We’re ready to make your journey one that was worth the wait, while continuing to put your well-being first. We will all travel and holiday again, but we will have to do so more consciously.

Our priority remains the safety of our guests and staff, and we wish to assure you that every aspect of the Lush experience has been enhanced with this in mind. While we still face uncertainties, we’ve put in place measures that will assure you a safe and enjoyable stay with us.

The Lush Experience

The Lush experience has always been reassuringly personal. Just five individual Suites afford you complete privacy – with your own entrance, deck and pool – the main lodge’s open areas give you plenty of personal space, while our attentive hospitality ensures you are well taken care of.

We have put the following measures in place for your safety and comfort:

1. On Safari
The number of guests on each game viewer will be limited to just six, allowing for the required social distancing. The vehicles will also be washed down and sanitised before and after every safari.

2. Catering
All meals and snacks will be prepared following strict food safety protocols and will be individually plated. As such, we will offer full à la carte menus, but no buffets will be served.

3. Lodge Hygiene
On a daily basis, the Suites and guest areas will be cleaned and disinfected, and open areas sprayed down, with particular attention paid to high-touch surfaces and high-trafficked areas.

4. Private Dining
Our dining setups will be thoughtfully laid out, with tables at least two meters apart. Our open dining spaces also create a lovely, more private atmosphere, adhering to the new standards.

5. Hand Sanitiser
Alcohol-based sanitisers will be placed in easy reach throughout the lodge’s guest and staff areas.

6. Temperature Testing
We will implement daily temperature checks (using non-invasive thermometers) for our guests and staff, with the utmost respect for their personal space and comfort.

7. Protective Wear
Face masks will be made available to both guests and staff.

8. Staff Screening
Staff returning to work will first undergo the mandatory isolation and testing, before being considered ready to attend to guests again. Our staff on-site will also have regular health screenings.

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